Portland, OR

Portland to host Gay Marriage Rally and Expo

At a GlancePORTLAND, OR -- “The shifting legislation is quite alarming,” says Marianne Puechl, co-owner of RainbowWeddingNetwork.com.  Sitting in her office, there’s really no telling exactly where she’s coming from.  An oil-painting of a dragon rests next to candid shots of her newborn child, a shrine serves as a bookend for reference manuals, physics text books and antique fables.  Her desk is surrounded by doggie beds...


“Take The Family Fairness Act,” says Puechl.  “Here’s a bill that introduces benefits and rights to same-sex couples in Oregon.  Inheritance rights, hospital visits, tax and insurance benefits are all granted.  At the same time, there’s also a petition in circulation that could put this newfound law to a public vote in 2008. So who is going to secure those rights for those families?  And what can we do to help?”


Marianne Puechl will be one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming Same Love, Same Rights® Mobile Marriage Summit.  Held on October 7th at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, the summit serves as a meeting point for those currently working for equal rights in marriage, as well as the greater GLBTQ community and its allies.  “Think of it as part Gay Pride like it was in the early 80’s,” says Cindy Sproul, Ms. Puechl’s partner.  “You know, real political.  And then it’s part wedding trade show.  We’re going to have a photographer, a caterer, a wedding cake person – all gay-friendly folks who could help a couple with their civil union.”


Show Your Face!“And we’re also going to have an open forum,” says Puechl.  “We’re giving every guest the chance to share their ideas on how to make marriage equality happen.  And whichever idea everyone agrees has the highest likelihood of success, we’re going to put into action.”


Puechl & Sproul have also invited non-profit organizations working on adoption & parenting rights for the GLBTQ community to the rally, as well as a variety of social groups and organizations.


“This is something that’s achievable in our lifetimes,” says Puechl.  “We know that the majority of Americans believe that everyone should have the same rights, regardless of ethnicity, religion, background, or sexual orientation.  So let’s make that happen.”




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